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The DDHDD is a 6-week, interactive, online-based group program starting Sept 15 that provides accountability, guidance & tribe vibes for people who wanna feel Deep Down Happy.

“Happy” means something different to everyone. You know what would make you happier.

So let’s stop talking about it and start doing it! Let’s get crystal clear on what it is that matters to you and GET GOING.

Whether you want to:

  • Bring a simmering personal dream to a full rolling boil

  • Go all in on a big professional goal

  • Or you want to feel more centered + focused and less stressed + depleted…

    …I gotchyoo boo!

The DDHDD will:

  • Teach you how to be intentional with your mindset & actions

  • Hold you accountable for honoring your commitments to yourself

  • Provide tools & guidance to help you find + change what’s not working

  • Connect you with a supportive, like-minded group of people rising with you!

You show up better for everything you care about when you’re gettin’ sh*t done and feel HAPPY. Let’s do it!


Less overthinking + overwhelm…

More ass kickin’ + play


  • A peaceful + centered YOU who’s no longer easily reactive to & overwhelmed by everyday life and by the big-ness of your dreams

  • A YOU in action, working to create your unique brand of happiness and maneuvering through obstacles that used to keep you STUCK (like perfectionism, procrastination, uncertainty, fear, doubt & all sortsa self-sabotage)

  • A YOU whose self-awareness + self-compassion superpowers combine to support you prioritizing yourself like a boss

More Happy, More Often, Please & Thank you


This 7-week program takes place entirely online (woot, convenience!) but is mega-interactive, meaning I’ll be there every step of the way to provide direct coaching.

A private one-on-one coaching session will kick things off with a bang: You and I will spend a full 90-minute session digging into what your goals & challenges are, and find out what Happy really means to you right now, so we can build the game plan of how you’ll create it.

Weekly guidance, tools + practices will follow, targeted to support what individual DDHDD tribe members have going on in their real lives. Videos, tool templates + exercise guides will be updated in the private Tribe Forum regularly, with all content tailored specifically for the obstacles you’re facing and changes you wanna make.

You’ll ask questions + request feedback from me and from fellow tribe members as we move through the weeks, so you’ll never stay stuck. Plus you’ll share (and hear) insights, struggles + successes along the way.

Magic happens when a group of people with a shared vision (Be Deep Down Happy!) comes together and propels towards that goal. Visibility, accountability and unanimously championed success are amazing catalysts for meaningful change!

Additional private sessions will be scheduled as appropriate, to address what you’re experiencing and customize work-through strategies to help you persist & accelerate!

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Do what’s gonna make you happy (for real)


If you want to feel happy, for real, deep down, keep reading. If you want to pursue & follow through on a goal with intention, and to become kick-assedly confident that you can be as centered, focused and giddy as you wanna be, the Deep Down Happy Deep Dive is for you. See if you’re one of these two Ideal Tribe Members:

READY TO ROCK: You’ve got a lot goin’ on in your head & in your life: some of it’s stressful, and some of it’s actually pretty exciting. You wanna get a handle on things so you can use your time & energy with intention and not feel scattered or burn out.

  • You need to be held accountable for staying in action

  • You know you get in your own way & you don’t want to let this goal drag out into infinity or back down when sh*t gets scary

  • You want tools to better manage yourself, handle stressors, and follow through on big plans

READY FOR CHANGE: You’re done waiting and are ready to make a change in your mindset or your life so you can feel happier! Your self-doubt or indecision has bummed you out enough, or you’re through talking about taking a leap out of your comfort zone and finally wanna walk your talk.

  • You need to unlearn painful thought patterns and unhelpful habits

  • You want to be more patient with & nicer to yourself at the same time as get more sh*t done

  • You know you deserve to be happier and are ready to try something new to get yourself there

Bring on the Happy


I’m Kirsten – I coach kick-ass people to be Deep Down Happy by cultivating stronger, more self-compassionate, happier mindsets and being intentional & strategic with their actions. I help clients get more done with less struggle than if they were to try powering through on their own. I’m who you call when you’re ready to find + fix what’s not working because you know you deserve to be Deep Down Happy.

Here’s what some clients have said about what it’s like working together:

  • “If you need some help packing your backpack for your life-journey with the proper tools in an organized, but also organic, way, then give Kirsten a call.”

  • “She holds you accountable without feeling like a drill sergeant.”

  • “She helped me gain essential insight and direction during a challenging time of indecision in my life.

  • “She had extremely helpful and practical ideas as well as suggestions for more centered and grounded work.”

  • “I'm appreciative of our work together every day. Seriously.”




  • Your private 1-on-1 coaching session will be a 90-minute video call taking place between Sept 8 – Sept 14

  • The group communication kicks off on Sunday, Sept 15th and concludes on Saturday, Oct 26th

  • You and I will work out when additional 1:1 sessions will be supportive and convenient as we move through the program - this will depend on your unique situation, goals and challenges

  • You can go at your own pace for the entire program

    • Info Sessions & Coaching Feedback Videos will happen in the Tribe Forum: You can watch live or replay later

    • When there’s something you want support around, you’ll submit it in the Tribe Forum for response from me (and if ya want, the whole tribe)

    • You’ll have 24/7 access to info + tools, with no deadlines or due dates (though we will do a fun group challenge or two!)

  • You’ll get out of the DDHDD what you put into it: There will usually be 1-2 videos per week, 10-20ish minutes each, delivering tools, exercises and practices that you can experiment with on a one-time or daily basis. The more questions you ask and feedback you request, the more engaged you’ll be in the process and up the overall time you put into it.


  • The investment for the Deep Down Happy Deep Dive is three monthly payments of $165.



You deserve to feel Deep Down Happy.

Whether here or elsewhere, don’t wait to get your Happy on, boo!